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Frequently asked questions

Billing questions

Yes. You are free to cancel at any time, during or after free trial, and without any notice to us.

If you cancel during your free trial you won’t be charged a thing. 

You can start using the Flex Rewards system immediately for 30 days. No credit card details are required to start your free trial, and no hardware is required to launch your program.

If you decide to continue service with us after trial, you will be charged a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go, subscription fee which you can cancel whenever you like. There are no other setup costs, marketing fees, or hidden charges for the life of your plan.

Flex Rewards is not free, but there are no hidden fees or hidden features you’ll need to upgrade for. What you see is what you get. We invest in our software, our customers and providing an exceptional business experience. 

After your 30-day free trial, you will be billed on a month-to-month basis on the 1st day of the month. You may cancel service at any time without obligation.

No. There are no set-up costs whatsoever.

We process all payments via Stripe so the transaction is secure and your credit card information is kept safe with Stripe and not us.

Yes. We like to keep things simple. We only have one plan with full access to all our features.

If you have more than 6 stores and would like to roll out Flex Rewards across multiple venues, please contact us for special pricing and terms.

Stamp Card

Our stamp card is a digital version of the traditional paper “coffee card”. You set the number of stamps on the card, and assign rewards to issue on different stamp numbers. Customers collect stamps when they spend or visit, and earn rewards when they reach stamp milestones.

You issue stamps to customers by showing them an “Add Stamp QR Code“. The Add Stamp QR Code is digitally generated via Flex Rewards’ unique Companion App. You access the Companion App from any device with a browser, like a tablet, phone or computer screen that you keep at point of sale. Once the code is scanned, stamps are automatically added to your customers’ card on their phone. If a milestone has been reached, then rewards are immediately issued and can be redeemed at any time.

The Companion App can also be used to manually register customers and lookup accounts by name, email and mobile number for those who prefer not to scan QR codes. You can create unlimited sub-users for different staff and managers to use the Companion App within the same store or at different locations.

If you don’t want to keep a device in store to display Add Stamp QR Codes then you can use a printed paper version of the Add Stamp QR Code. The printed Add Stamp QR Code will issue a single stamp when shown to customers. 


Customers open their reward from their phones and tap the “Redeem” button in front of staff. An animated success page will signify successful redemption. 

You can also use the Companion App to look up customers and redeem rewards by tapping the “Redeem” button. 

Completed redemptions are recorded in both the customer apps and the Companion App for verification.

Success Screen for Reward Redemption

Yes. The app works for any industry.

Our system is used in juice-bars, nutrition shops, vape shops, donut shops, malls, retail shops, recreation centers, beauty & nail salons, barber shops, gyms, bakeries & cake shops, food trucks and art classes, to name a few. 

You can issue about any type of reward you can think of. There is no limit to the type of rewards you can offer. You can get more ideas on different rewards and stamp programs here.

Yes. You may download the names and email addresses of all your loyalty members anytime. Downloads are generated in CSV format from your Dashboard.

Yes. You can set the minimum spend amounts and include any other prerequisites for earning stamps and/or redeeming rewards.

No. Your customers have the choice to either access their loyalty card online via their mobile web browser, or, they can download and install the Flex Rewards app. Either method will work.

No. You do not need any hardware or specialized equipment to operate Flex Rewards. You can just print Add Stamp Codes and Joining Codes to operate the system. 

If you want to use the Companion App to manually register customers and update accounts, then you can use any tablet, phone or computer that you might keep at point of sale. This is purely optional, and not a requirement for operation of the system. As the Companion App is accessible via your web-browser, any device with an internet connection can be used.

You can add customers by showing them a “Joining QR Code” to scan. Or, you can manually add customers by typing their name and email address in the Companion App.

Joining codes can also be sent as weblinks via social media, so you can signup customers online.

Less than 30 minutes.

Once you activate your loyalty program, your loyalty card will appear on the Flex Rewards app immediately.

The maximum number of stamps you can display on your card is 20. The minimum number of stamps you can display is 1 stamp. You can display any number of stamps between 1 and 20 on your loyalty card.

Yes! You can put as many rewards on your card as you wish. You may assign one reward per stamp number.

Yes! Just use the Companion App to quickly add customers to your program, and assign the requisite number of stamps. A Welcome Email will be sent to your customers with instructions on how to view their account progress.

Special features

Digital Shopping Passports are designed for Group Hosts that wish to use our stamp card system to run special campaigns where customers collect stamps from different venues. It’s a great marketing tool to incentivize customers to visit different businesses which you manage.

For example, a Shopping Passport might have 20 stamps on the card and allow customers to collect 1 stamp from each of 20 different business locations. Customers would be entered into a “prize draw” upon collecting every 4th stamp, and be eligible to receive a “grand prize” upon completion of the card. 

Find out more about Digital Shopping Passports here.

Welcome Rewards are sent to all new loyalty members that sign up to your program. Welcome rewards are designed to incentivize membership sign-ups from customers that are at your venue.

A typical Welcome Reward would be a 10% discount voucher, or a complimentary drink reward.

You can send an unlimited number of Welcome Rewards to customers upon joining. You can also time-delay Welcome Rewards if you don’t want customers to receive and use them on their first visit.

Welcome Rewards significantly increase membership sign-up rates and are strongly recommended to enhance the attractiveness of your loyalty program.

Birthday rewards are delivered 30-days in advance. Your customers will receive a mobile push notification, as well as an email, notifying them of their Birthday Reward. A typical Birthday Reward might be a group discount, or complimentary meal.

Delivery Stamps allow you to send unique loyalty stamps to all your customers who order from home. This gives you the ability to signup all your customers who order from sales channels that you don’t control, such as UberEats, Deliveroo and Grab Food.

Each delivery stamp is a unique, single-use QR-code. When scanned, your customer is issued 1 loyalty stamp on their card. 

You can read more about how to use delivery stamps to capture hundreds of new customers here: Is the 35% Commission to Food Delivery Platforms Worth It? Here’s a Secret That Could Turn The Tables For You

You can create up to 6 stores from the Dashboard under your plan. If you have more than 6 stores, contact us here for special pricing and program terms tailored to your needs.


Yes. You can use Flex Rewards wherever you are. 

You will need to choose a default country for billing purposes (i.e. select USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore), but you can setup your store locations to your home country. 

Yes. Our app supports all language script inputs.

We take data privacy and security seriously. We will never sell our data to third parties. Our data is anonymized to protect the identity of our app users in the case of a security breach. All credit card information is processed through Stripe so we do not store any sensitive financial information on our servers. 

Flex Rewards complies with all privacy and customer protection laws in each of the countries where we operate. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Our software engineering team is headquartered in Singapore. Our primary business address for correspondence is 20 Cecil Street, #05 – 03 Plus, Singapore 049705. We have sales and technical support teams in Australia, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom. 

Contact us via email at [email protected] if you would like to schedule a conversation with one of our team members. You can also chat to us via the Messenger button on this website and speak directly with someone from the Flex Rewards team. We do all the chats ourselves and we do not use robots or call centers.

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Digital and Social Media Marketing Services

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Our digital and social media marketing services are only available to existing Flex Rewards clients.

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Community Giving Package

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Charities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations are eligible for free or significantly discounted pricing. 

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Startup Package

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Startups and micro-businesses are eligible to use Flex Rewards for free until your 50th customer. There is no time limit.

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