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Frequently asked questions

Billing questions

Yes. You are free to cancel at any time, during or after free trial, and without any notice to us.

If you cancel during your free trial you won’t be charged a thing.

You can start using the Flex Rewards system immediately for 30 days. No credit card details are required to start your free trial, and no hardware is required to launch your program.

To begin, just create a new merchant account with an email address and a password. Your 30-days will start once you hit the “Start Trial” button at the end of our step-by-step onboarding screens.

During your free trial, you will have full access to all Flex Rewards features and all customer information. This gives you plenty of time to truly explore the Flex Rewards system. You can issue real loyalty stamps, and real rewards. You can edit, activate and deactivate your loyalty program on the Flex Rewards app as many times as you wish.

Towards the end of your 30 days, we’ll send you an email reminder asking whether you’d like to continue with us. If the answer is “yes”, we’ll direct you to your Billing section of your Merchant Dashboard where you can provide your payment details. If you don’t want to continue with us, then just ignore the email reminder, and we’ll go ahead and terminate your account automatically after the 30 days.

If you decide to continue service with us after trial, you will be charged a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go, subscription fee which you can cancel whenever you like. As there are no long-term contracts, your card will never be charged more than your monthly subscription fee.

Other than your monthly fee, there are no other setup costs, marketing fees, or hidden charges for the life of your plan.

Flex Rewards is not free, but there are no hidden fees or hidden features you’ll need to upgrade for. What you see is what you get. We invest in our software, our customers and providing an exceptional business experience.

Be wary of free services, there will be ways that the “free” provider will in fact be charging you, including hidden per loyalty member costs or expensive feature access.

After your 30-day free trial, you will be billed on a month-to-month basis on the 1st day of the month. You may cancel service at any time without obligation.

No. There are no set-up costs whatsoever.

We process all payments via Stripe so the transaction is secure and your credit card information is kept safe with Stripe and not us.

Yes. We like to keep things simple. We only have one plan with full access to all our features.

If you have more than 6 stores and would like to roll out Flex Rewards across multiple venues, please contact us for special pricing and terms.

Loyalty program

Flex rewards is a powerful digital loyalty & business referrals platform made especially for brick & mortar businesses. You can create your own digital loyalty stamp card online and start issuing loyalty stamps and rewards to customers as they spend with you. You can also incentivize customers to make word-of-mouth referrals by rewarding them for recommending your business and bringing in new customers.

Our stamp card works like a traditional paper “coffee card”, but is entirely digital. Customers collect stamps as they spend, and receive rewards when they collect enough stamps. Stamp cards are accessible through your customer’s mobile phone browser, or through the Flex Rewards IOS and Android app.

Our business referrals system gives each of your customers a unique referral link that can be shared with their friends and social media followers. When a newly-referred customer earns their first loyalty stamp, a bonus rewards is sent to the referrer as a gift for generating the new business.

Flex Rewards also comes packed with additional features to improve your business. You can automate a variety of different promotions including Birthday Rewards, Airdrop Rewards, Loyalty Rewards and Welcome Rewards. The Flex Rewards app also prominently displays the name of your customers so your staff can deliver a more personalized level of service to your customers. With Flex Rewards you can collect customer data and communicate directly with your members via email and mobile push notifications.

Yes. The app works for any industry.

In addition to F&B, the Flex Rewards loyalty system is used in retail, events planning, indoor recreation, spas, beauty & nail salons, barber & hair salons, professional services, gyms, bakeries & cake shops, jewellery & accessories, juice bars, food trucks, nutrition, and art classes, to name just a few industries. 

Our customers come from every industry that needs an effective loyalty system. Flex Rewards works whether your business is big or small.

You may offer any type of reward that best suits your business. There is no limit to the type of rewards you can offer.

Flex Rewards offers maximum flexibility when it comes to creating different types of rewards and configuring your loyalty program.

You can get more ideas on different rewards and stamp programs here.

Yes. You may download the names and email addresses of all your loyalty members anytime. Downloads are generated in CSV format from your Dashboard.

Yes. You can set the minimum spend amounts and include any other prerequisites for earning stamps and/or redeeming rewards.

No, it is not necessary for customers to download an app to collect stamps and rewards.

Your customers will be given 2 options. They can either access their loyalty card online via their mobile web browser, or, they can download and install the Flex Rewards app. Either method will work.

No. You do not need any hardware or specialized equipment to operate Flex Rewards.

Our system has been designed so you can easily launch your loyalty program from your laptop and with a printer.

Customers join by using their phone camera to scan a physical QR code displayed at your venue. When scanned, your customers access your loyalty program via their web browser on their phone or through the Flex Rewards app.

Program registration is simple. Customers use their name and email address, or use their Google, Facebook or Apple IDs to login.

Less than 30 minutes.

Once you activate your loyalty program, your loyalty card will appear on the Flex Rewards app immediately.

The maximum number of stamps you can display on your card is 20. The minimum number of stamps you can display is 1 stamp. You can display any number of stamps between 1 and 20 on your loyalty card.

Yes! You can put as many rewards on your card as you wish. You may assign one reward per stamp number.

Assigning multiple rewards on your card is a good way to keep customers engaged. For example, you can offer a small reward on an early stamp number so new customers feel that using the stamp card early is worthwhile. You can then give progressively more valuable rewards on higher stamp numbers to recognize the increasing value of customers who have earned more stamps.

There are 2 methods to add stamps to your customer’s loyalty card:

Contactless Validation: Show your customers a “contactless QR code”. This is a 1-page PDF display with a unique QR code printed in the middle. Customers simple scan the QR code with their phone camera to collect a loyalty stamp. The Flex Rewards app does not need to be installed for the scan to work.  

Manual Validation: You can also add stamps to your customer’s card by manually inputting a 4-digit PIN code on your customer’s phone. 

Yes! However, you will need to send your customer a physical QR code when you ship your product. When your customer scans the QR code your customer will instantly receive a loyalty stamp.

You may print an unlimited number of these QR codes from your Print Studio in your Dashboard. They are designed to not only engage customers who buy directly from you, but also to capture customers who may purchase your product from other distribution channels that you don’t control (like Deliveroo or UberEats). This allows you reach your entire customer base no matter how you sell or distribute your products.

Special features

When activating a loyalty program, you will have an option to create Welcome Rewards. Welcome Rewards are rewards sent to all new loyalty members that sign up to your program on-site. Welcome rewards are designed to incentivize membership sign-ups from customers that are at your venue.

A typical Welcome Reward would be a 10% discount voucher, or a complimentary drink reward.

Welcome Rewards significantly increase membership sign-up rates and are strongly recommended to enhance the attractiveness of your loyalty program.

Birthday rewards are special rewards that you create from your Dashboard and automatically send to each of your loyalty members. Birthday rewards are delivered 30-days in advance, and appear in your member’s Giftbox on the Flex Rewards app. Your customers will receive a mobile push notification, as well as an email, notifying them of their Birthday Reward. A typical Birthday Reward might be a group discount, or complimentary meal.

Our QR-coded delivery stamps allow you to send unique loyalty stamps to all your customers who order from home. This gives you the ability to signup all your customers who order from sales channels that you don’t control, such as UberEats, Deliveroo and Grab Food.

Each delivery stamp is a unique, single-use QR-code. As soon as the code is scanned, your customer is given 1 loyalty stamp on their card. The QR code may only be scanned once to prevent the award of multiple stamps.

You may print an unlimited number of delivery stamps from your Print Studio in your Dashboard.

You can read more about how to use delivery stamps to capture hundreds of new customers here: Is the 35% Commission to Food Delivery Platforms Worth It? Here’s a Secret That Could Turn The Tables For You

Promotions allow you to send rewards to our Flex Rewards app users, whether or not they are a current member of your loyalty program.

Promotions are created from your dashboard and send rewards to Flex Rewards users based on their proximity to your stores. If any Flex Rewards user enters a 300m radius of your venue they will receive your promotion, along with a push notification notifying them that they have received a reward from you.

You can easily create up to 6 stores from the Dashboard under your plan. If you have more than 6 stores, contact us here for special pricing and program terms tailored to your needs.


Yes. Our app supports all language script inputs.

We take data privacy and security seriously. We will never sell our data to third parties. Our data is anonymized to protect the identity of our app users in the case of a security breach. All credit card information is processed through Stripe so we do not store any sensitive financial information on our servers.

Flex Rewards complies with all privacy and customer protection laws in each of the countries where we operate. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Our software engineering team is headquartered in Singapore. Our primary business address for correspondence is Raffles Place #44-01A, One Raffles Place Tower One, Singapore 048616. We have sales and technical support teams in Australia, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom. 

Contact us via email at [email protected] if you would like to schedule a conversation with one of our team members. You can also chat to us via the Messenger button on this website and speak directly with someone from the Flex Rewards team. We do all the chats ourselves and we do not use robots or call centers.

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24/7 customer support

When it comes to support, we know that nothing beats a real human at the other end of the line

Our support teams are a phone call or live chat away so you can resolve issues quickly

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