Try this demo to see how Flex Rewards works

We’ve created a demonstration merchant called the Kindness Cafe so you can see how easy it is to sign up your customers. Just tap or scan the QR codes below, download the Flex Rewards app, and join the Kindness Cafe’s loyalty program (please note that Kindness Cafe is not a real cafe!)

Now, just imagine if you had your own loyalty card on Flex Rewards…

Merchant PIN for Adding Stamps

8 4 0 5

This is a Table Display. Your loyalty program goes here

Tap to Download PDF

Your logo and program details will automatically be generated on posters and table displays like this. Print out as many as you need and place around your venue

Customers tap or scan the QR code to join

Tap or scan this demonstration QR code to see how it works

Use code 8405 to add stamps & redeem rewards.

This QR code can be uploaded to your website. You can also share the code as a weblink on social media

Try sharing with one of these social buttons below

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Add stamps and validate reward redemptions

Two Screenshots of Flex Rewards App Displaying Award of Stamps and Rewards

You decide what rewards to give, when to give them, and any special conditions

Know all your customers

You collect the names and email addresses of all your customers and followers who join your loyalty program