Awesome features

All features are included in your plan

Flex Rewards Contactless QR Code to Add Stamps and Redeem Rewards
screenshot of flex rewards stamp card app against yellow background with young girl wearing black hat

Branded Stamp Card

Branded loyalty card with configurations of 1 to 20 loyalty stamps. Stamps are issued per transaction, or on minimum spend. You decide. Works for any industry

Unlimited Members

Whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 customers, your plan includes unlimited member numbers

Customer Referrals

Give bonus rewards to members who make successful business referrals. Referral bonuses are awarded when newly-referred customers make their first purchase

Contactless QR Codes

Patent-pending QR codes that can be printed and used to register members, add stamps, and redeem rewards without any queues or staff distractions

Easy Program Builders

Step-by-step loyalty and referral builders which includes a library of beautiful stock images you can use for free

Welcome Rewards

Issue ‘Welcome Rewards’ when anyone joins your program. Great for incentivizing sign-ups when you share your program online

Mid-Tier Rewards

You can assign different rewards to any mid-tier stamp number. This makes your program more exciting and encourages customers to come back more frequently


Customer names and status are displayed prominently in the app so you can get to know your customers and deliver a more personalized level of service

Push Notifications

Send rewards to members and alert them with push notifications on their phone

Birthday Rewards

Configure birthday rewards that will automatically send to each member 30 days prior to their birthday

Airdrop Rewards

Send rewards with a push notification to any Flex Rewards app user who enters your store vicinity. Use airdrops to attract your local community


Send emails to all your loyalty members from your own email domain name or from our Flex Rewards domain

Social Media Followers

Send your loyalty program as a weblink to all your friends and social media followers. Entice them to join by offering a generous welcome reward

Home Delivery Sign-ups

Send unique, single-use,  loyalty stamps in delivery packaging to all your customers who order from popular food-delivery apps like UberEats and Deliveroo. This is a great way to sign up hundreds of new customers

Print Studio

Use our beautiful templates to print joining posters, table displays and delivery flyers. All your program details are automatically generated so you don’t need to do any work

Customer List

Collect the names and emails of all your members. You can download this list anytime from your dashboard