Boost sales powerfully

Know all your customers. Reach all your customers. Rewards all your customers.

Boost sales powerfully

Know all your customers. Reach all your customers. Reward all your customers.

How we boost business


Know all your customers

Imagine how different your business could be if you knew all your customers, and had a way of reaching them directly

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Your business on the Flex Rewards digital platform

Reach all your customers

You can speak to all your customers directly and stop overspending on Facebook and Google ads to reach them with business promotions

Signup everyone who visits, and everyone who orders from home

Reward all your customers

You can boost your sales dramatically by sending exciting offers and exclusive deals through Flex Rewards that makes your customers feel special and keeps them coming back

Send offers to all of your customers

You will do much better business

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We boost sales

If you're not using Flex Rewards, you're probably missing out on 33% extra sales


New loyalty members

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Return multiple times per week
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Increase in sales from existing customers

In just a few months our F&B partner Machan’s Kitchen saw big increases in repeat sales and customer retention

* Results can vary depending on the type of business you operate

Five star reviews

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How it works

How Flex Rewards could work for you

Easily collect customer information by asking them to scan a QR code and join your loyalty program

Step 1: Your loyalty program goes here

Use your loyalty program to build your customer list

Step 2: Customers scan the QR code

Tap or scan this demonstration QR code for the Kindness Cafe to see how it works. Use code 8405 to add loyalty stamps

Step 3: Customers get rewards + your
loyalty card

You get a new loyalty member, and your customers get a free 'welcome reward' to use now or on their next visit

Excite your customers

Boost sales with offers & deals

We provide the tools to grab attention & bring them back


Send emails to loyalty members

Push Notifications

Send special rewards with a push notifications

Birthday Rewards

Send birthday rewards to all your members

Customer Targeting

Reward VIP and new customers

You can reduce your digital ad spending costs significantly now that you can promote directly to your members through Flex Rewards

-- Chris Tong, COO

We started in 2018

And now we're bringing Flex Rewards to the rest of the world

Now available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

Simon Cheong, CEO of Flex Rewards

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One thing that COVID has taught us is that unless you have found a way to directly communicate with your entire customer base, it is virtually impossible to get them back once the doors have been shut...

15 February 2021

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for $36/month

Sarah Walker | Joined 12 June 2020 | 16 Total Redemptions | 83 Total Stamps | VIP Member

How to start today

Launch in less than 30 minutes

Create account

Click “Start 30-day Free Trial” to create an account and access your Flex Rewards dashboard

Create loyalty

Choose the number of stamps on your loyalty card, and assign rewards to stamp numbers

Launch on App

When ready, tap “activate” and your loyalty card will immediately appear on the Flex Rewards app. No extra hardware required

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See the results of Flex Rewards in action

Flexible and easy to use

Flexible and easy to use

There is no limit to the types of rewards you can create. Offer any type of reward that best suits your business needs

Our clients come from a range of industries including restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, gyms, spas, auto shops, car rentals, aesthetic clinics, education classes, glass blowing & hairdressing – just to name a few!

You don’t need any extra hardware, POS machines or scanners to operate Flex Rewards. All you need is a home or office printer to get started

Dedicated & reliable service

We have over 300+ merchants on the Flex Rewards platform, and we are growing fast. We feel privileged to provide such important infrastructure to so many business owners around the world

Flex Rewards runs on Google Cloud Platform so that we have reliable technical resources to scale and grow

We don’t keep your credit card information. All payments are handled through Stripe so you can transact with peace of mind

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