Get your customers hooked

Issue digital loyalty cards, and manage customer relationships like a pro

The No.1 loyalty solution for
savvy business operators

Screenshots of 3 Flex Rewards Digital Loyalty Programs for Booster Duncan Mrs Cupcake and Bistro Roma

Excite your customers

Issue loyalty stamps and rewards with your own digital loyalty card on the Flex Rewards mobile app

young girl in coffee shop wearing flannel shirt holding a mobile phone displaying the flex rewards digital punch card app

Reach all your customers

Use the app to interact with your customers with airdrops, emails and push notifications

Flex Rewards Airdrop Promotion Screenshot

Capture your entire audience

Get everyone onto your loyalty program, with a system that also captures your social media followers, home delivery customers and website visitors

Flex Rewards Brand Ambassadors Having Fun with Favorite Sweets

How it works


Create your digital loyalty card online in a few simple steps

screenshot of flex rewards stamp card app against yellow background with young girl wearing black hat

Easily create your own stamp card online with our step-by-step loyalty reward builders. Launch your new program instantly on the Flex Rewards app. Works for any industry


Signup customers with clever QR codes

Flex Rewards QR-coded table display for Machan's Kitchen showing a 10% Discount as a Welcome Reward upon Joining

Over 50% of membership programs fail because of poor sign-up rates. We solve this by giving you unique QR codes to place around your venue, send via social media, and distribute in home delivery packaging. Customers scan QR codes and tap weblinks wherever they are to automatically join your program with one-touch Google, Facebook and Apple ID sign-ins


Add loyalty stamps with a simple 4-digit PIN

Mobile Phone Screenshot of Flex Rewards App in an Outdoor Bistro with Hand Holding Phone and Young Woman in Background

Customers earn loyalty stamps and rewards as they spend. Staff add stamps and validate rewards by entering a simple 4-digit PIN on your customer’s card. No extra hardware, scanners or terminals are required. Configure Welcome Rewards, Birthday Rewards, and Airdrop Rewards to enhance your program

How it works

iphone screenshot of flex rewards digital loyalty stamp card
Flex Rewards QR-coded table display for Machan's Kitchen showing a 10% Discount as a Welcome Reward upon Joining

How you will benefit

Flex Rewards Loyalty Customers & Social Media Followers

Build your customer list

You get full customer details of everyone who joins your program so you can rapidly grow your database

Get Better Sales with an Awesome Loyalty Program

Much better sales

You will generate significantly more sales, and have the ability to send promotions directly to your customers’ phones

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Save money

With Flex Rewards you get all the benefits of an advanced digital loyalty platform for only a fraction of the cost of building your own app

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Sell direct

You can stop paying costly intermediary fees by getting your home delivery customers to buy directly from you

Why loyalty matters

Customer data

Loyalty programs are the best way to collect customer data



60% of your loyal customers will tell their friends and family about your business


Spend more

39% will spend more, even if there are cheaper alternatives elsewhere

Do better business

We will help you increase sales

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New loyalty members

0 %
Return multiple times per week
0 %

Increase in sales

In just a few months our F&B partner Machan’s Kitchen saw big increases in repeat sales and customer retention

* Results can vary depending on the type of business you operate

How Flex Rewards could
work for you

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blonde woman in pink sweater holding cupcake in front of face

Easy Setup

You don’t need any technical background to setup your digital loyalty program

Any Business

Flex Rewards was designed for any business, whether big or small

Collect Data

Collect customer data which you will keep and use forever

Step 1:

Display Your QR Code

We Provide Flex Rewards QR-Coded Table Displays and Posters to Sign Up Customers

Step 2:

Customers scan code or tap weblink

Demonstration only

" Tap or scan this code to receive a Free Cup of Coffee ! "

-- Kindness Cafe

Step 3:

Customers receive rewards & stamps

Step 4:

You get customer data & your own full-featured loyalty program

We’ve created a live demo merchant called the Kindness Cafe. Click to see how Flex Rewards works in action

Manage customers professionally

Save time by automating your promotions

Push Notifications

Send special rewards with push notifications

Birthday Rewards

Send birthday rewards to all your members

Airdrop Rewards

Send promotions to everyone in your local area


Send regular emails to customers

We started in 2018

And now we're bringing Flex Rewards to the rest of the world

Now available in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

Screenshot of Flex Rewards Digital Loyalty Card for Bodi Spa on White Background

Flexible and easy to use

Flexible and easy to use

Screenshot of Flex Rewards Digital Loyalty Card for Bodi Spa on White Background

There is no limit to the types of rewards you can create. Offer any type of reward that best suits your business needs

Flex Rewards works in a wide variety of industries, including restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, gyms, recreation centers, indoor activities, fashion, accessories, gifts, crafts, spas, health & wellness, auto & repairs, aesthetics, education, hairdressing, barbers, and nail salons

You don’t need any extra hardware, POS machines or scanners to operate Flex Rewards. All you need is a laptop and printer to get started 

Dedicated & reliable service

Flex Rewards runs on Google Cloud Platform so that we have reliable technical resources to scale and grow

We don’t keep your credit card information. All payments are handled through Stripe so you can transact with peace of mind

Five star reviews

30-Day Free Trial

Flex Rewards Loyalty Member and App User
Flex Rewards Loyalty Member and App User

Sarah Walker | Joined 12 June 2020 | 16 Total Redemptions | 83 Total Stamps | VIP Member

How to start today

Launch in less than 30 minutes

Click “Create Account” to create a new merchant account and access your Flex Rewards dashboard. You’ll only be billed after your 30-day Free Trial. You can cancel anytime

Create loyalty

Configure your first loyalty program with our step-by-step reward builders. Create any type of reward you like. You set the terms and conditions

Launch Program!

Activate your program, and your loyalty card will immediately appear on the Flex Rewards app! Print QR-coded posters and start signing up customers. We provide all the templates. No extra hardware required

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