The most effective loyalty stamp card app in the world

Launch your loyalty card program on the Flex Rewards app in less than 30 minutes

The most effective loyalty stamp card app in the world

Launch your loyalty card program on the Flex Rewards app today in less than 30 minutes

Simply outstanding

Why choose Flex Rewards?

Get your customers hooked today

Everyone loves collecting stamps! Flex Rewards is a digital loyalty app that replaces paper stamp cards. Any stamp card program like “collect 10 stamps and get a free drink” can be put on our app. You can easily launch your own loyalty card program today on the Flex Rewards app in a few minutes, and skip the hassle of issuing paper or plastic cards

Easily boost customer activity

Paper cards can’t speak to your customers, but a digital one can. Once your loyalty card is on the Flex Rewards app you can easily send emails to your members, issue special rewards on birthdays, and advertise promotions with push notifications and rewards — all from one place on your Dashboard!

Reach a huge new audience

If you sell through food delivery apps like Grab Food or Food Panda, or rely on online shopping platforms like Amazon or Redmart, you can get hundreds more customers hooked on your stamp card by sending individually-printed stamp codes in all your delivery packaging. Customers can add stamps from home and earn rewards even when they buy online

How the stamp card app works

“Scan-to-join” QR codes are printed on table displays and posters that you print from your Merchant Dashboard. Simply print out as many as you need, and place them around your venue so customers can easily scan the QR code and join your loyalty stamp card program

Customers can also scan QR codes from flyers that you print from the Dashboard and send to your customers with all your home delivery orders. QR-coded flyers are a great way to enroll your customers who have ordered from food delivery apps like Food Panda or Deliveroo, or who have ordered products from online shopping platforms like Amazon or Redmart

Once a QR code is scanned, your branded loyalty stamp card will open immediately on the Flex Rewards app

If customers are new, they will be asked to download the Flex Rewards app and create an account. Creating a Flex Rewards account and joining your loyalty stamp card program takes less than 10 seconds with one-touch Google, Apple ID and Facebook logins

Customers add stamps to their loyalty card when they meet your minimum spend requirements. You set the number of stamps

Rewards are issued to customers when they earn enough stamps. You can assign a single reward at the end of the entire stamp progression, or multiple rewards on different stamp numbers. Rewards can be anything you choose

Easily manage customer relations

Got a special promotion that you want to advertise to your loyalty members? Create a special reward from the Dashboard and send it all of your loyalty members. Each member will receive a push notification on their phone alerting them of your reward

With a few clicks from the Dashboard, you can create special rewards that will be sent to each of your customers on their birthday

There’s no better way to stay in touch with your customers than constantly reminding them of your brand. Whenever you have news or special promotions, write to them directly via email

Speaking regularly with your members using our powerful communication tools is the key to gaining tremendous business results from the Flex Rewards loyalty system

A simple digital platform

We make it easy to get to know all of your customers

Sarah Walker | Joined 12 June 2020 | 16 Total Redemptions | 83 Total Stamps | VIP Member

And we make it easy to manage them

Knowing how to reach and influence each of your customers is the most important thing you can do to protect your business today

How to get started today

Launch in less than 30 minutes

Create account

Click “Start 30-day Free Trial” to create an account and access your Flex Rewards dashboard

Create loyalty

Choose the number of stamps on your loyalty card, and assign rewards to stamp numbers

Launch on App

When ready, tap “activate” and your loyalty card will immediately appear on the Flex Rewards app. No extra hardware required

Adding stamps from home

This changes everything

Reach all your customers at home

No matter how you sell or distribute your products, you can sign up all your customers at home by sending individually-printed stamp codes with every delivery order. Perfect if you rely on popular food delivery apps like Deliveroo or Food Panda, or online shopping platforms like Amazon or Redmart

Stamp codes are printed on flyers that you generate from your Flex Rewards Dashboard and place in your delivery packaging. Customers scan the code, and a stamp is added to their card so they can still earn rewards even when they buy online or through sales channels you don’t control

Airdrop Promotions

Reach thousands of new customers

Geo-fence your venues

Send promotions to our entire Flex Rewards community by creating airdrop zones around your stores. Airdrops use geo-location services to send your promotion to Flex Rewards users who enter within walking distance of your stores

Airdrops are included in your loyalty stamp card subscription plan

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Customers keep coming back

We boost sales

If you're not using Flex Rewards, you're probably missing out on 44% extra sales


New loyalty members

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Increase in sales

In just 3 months our F&B partner Machan’s Kitchen saw big increases in sales and customer retention

* Results can vary depending on the type of business you operate

We make things simple

Manage all your customers from one place

Your Dashboard is simple and easy-to-use


Send emails to loyalty members

Push Notifications

Send special rewards with a push notifications

Birthday Rewards

Send birthday rewards to all your members

Customer Analytics

View redemptions and stamp activity

Trusted by thousands of businesses around the world

There's a good reason why we are the No. 1 loyalty stamp card app in the world

Five star reviews

Small business owners love us because we make things easy

Read a message from our CEO

Unless you have found a way to directly communicate with your entire customer base, it is virtually impossible to get them back once the doors have been shut

Simon Cheong, CEO of Flex Rewards

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