How do I redeem rewards?

Step 1: Ask customers to show their reward in the app

To redeem a reward presented by a customer, first ask your customer to show their reward in the Flex Rewards app. The page on the app should look like this:




Step 2: Tap “Redeem”

Tap the “Redeem” button. This will open a new page that asks your customer to hand their phone to your staff.



Tap “Merchant Redeem” and a new page will open requesting your staff to input your secret 4-digit store PIN




Step 3: Enter 4-digit PIN code

Enter the secret 4-digit PIN store code into your customer’s phone. The reward redemption will now be successfully verified.




Step 4: Locating your 4-digit PIN code

To locate your secret 4-digit PIN code for your stores, go to the Print Studio and tap “Store Pins” in the top right corner next to “Merchant Code”



You’ll now see all the secret 4-digit PIN codes at the bottom of your screen.


Tap “Instruction Sheet” on one of the stores, and a 1-page PDF will download which you can print out and hand to your staff.