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A beautiful stamp card app

Flex Rewards is an Android and IOS app that replicates the function of a traditional paper stamp card. Any stamp program like “collect 10 stamps and get a free coffee” can be put on the app

Your loyalty card displays the number of stamps that customers need to earn to receive rewards. You can set a single reward for the whole card, or multiple rewards on different stamp numbers.

You create the rewards you wish to offer customers. We don’t limit the type of rewards you can use, so rewards can be anything you imagine

When customers collect enough stamps, your reward will immediately appear in your customer’s Rewards Wallet. This is where Flex Rewards users can manage their earned rewards

Now that you know who your customers are, you can design special promotional campaigns to send rewards to your members.  Rewards are delivered to your customer’s Giftbox

Welcome to the future! The Flex Rewards app includes a cutting edge cryptocurrency wallet employing the latest blockchain technology. Customers use Global Awards Tokens, an Ethereum cryptocurrency token, as in-app currency to trade rewards with friends and family

Lightning fast sign-ups

We use one-touch Apple ID, Facebook and Google logins to sign-up your customers in less than 10 seconds

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Push notifications

There’s no better way to get a response from your loyalty members than sending them a promotional reward

Whenever you send a reward, your loyalty members receive a push notification straight to their phone

Airdrop your promotion

Expand your audience

Push notifications to mobile

Every merchant on Flex Rewards can set up a 300 meter geo-fence around each venue. Any Flex Rewards user who enters your geo-fence will instantly receive your promotional reward along with a push notification

Airdrop promotions are included with your subscription plan. You are free to Airdrop any type of reward that you wish. Airdrops are perfect for promoting special offers to your local Flex Rewards community when you need to boost activity

Flex Rewards Airdrop Promotion Screenshot

QR-Coded Flyers

Do the impossible

Reach all your customers

Now you can sign-up everyone who buys your product

Imagine if you could reach all your customers who order from third party food delivery platforms like Grab Food and Food Panda?

By including our QR-coded delivery flyers in your delivery orders, you can now send loyalty stamps to your customers no matter how you fulfil orders

Each delivery flyer includes a unique QR code that represents a loyalty stamp to add to your loyalty card. When the QR code is scanned, a loyalty stamp is instantly added to your customer’s loyalty card

A digital loyalty stamp card eliminates cheating

Every QR code represents a unique coupon code that can only be scanned once. This system prevents customers scanning the same delivery flyer multiple times to get more stamps than they have earned

Generate as many QR coded-delivery flyers from your Merchant Dashboard as you want. Your plan includes an unlimited number of QR codes

Producing delivery flyers from your Merchant Dashboard is simple. In your Print Studio, your delivery flyers are automatically generated from details of your active loyalty program. Preview your flyer, make any last minute edits, then go ahead and generate a batch of delivery flyers

Each batch contains up to 1,000 flyers and is downloaded as a single PDF file. Generate as many batches as you wish and print flyers with a home or office printer

Packaging labels for retail

Are you a retail owner or a brand? You can use Flex Rewards to send loyalty stamps with your product packaging with our QR-coded adhesive labels

Generate an unlimited number of unique QR-coded labels and print them on adhesive label sheets. Just peel and stick them to your packaging to send stamps to your customers

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