Prize Draw
Shopping Passports

Made especially for Business Improvement Associations, Local Councils and Shopping Centers

How it Works

Flex Rewards offers a custom stamp card in the form of a prize draw shopping passport. Participants collect stamps from different business venues, and earn rewards and enter prize-draws along the way. 

Screenshots of Prize Draw Passport Stamp Card
Scan QR Code to Collect Stamp

Scanning is easy. No app download is required to collect stamps.

Step 1

Collect Stamps

Customers collect stamps by scanning a physical QR code at each business venue. 

Step 2

Enter Prize Draws

Participants are entered into your Prize Draw upon upon completing their stamp card. 

Earn Rewards

Issue Welcome Rewards to promote participating businesses.

Step 3

Issue Prizes

Prizes are issued at the end of the campaign or at regular intervals throughout the campaign.

Earn Rewards

Designed to your needs

You control the passport program with a highly customizable set of features designed to maximize results.

Multiple Prize Entries

Allow customers to complete your stamp card multiple times to allow participants to enter prize draws multiple times

Custom Notifications

Customize program descriptions and success notifications when customers complete your card

Add Venues Anytime

As more business venues sign-on to your program, you can add them dynamically anytime during the campaign

Booking Links

Insert links to booking pages to make it easy for participants to visit other venues

Sponsor Logos

If your campaign is sponsored by third party brands or businesses, you can insert sponsor logos in rewards and program descriptions 

Custom Data Reports

Request custom data reports to track the progress of different venues or participant activity


We helped Mount Mainstreet energize local Kiwis

Mount Mainstreet is a business improvement association on the North Island of New Zealand. They needed a prize-draw stamp passport to get more foot-traffic along their mainstreet.


We helped a Sports Management Company tee-off more rounds

We helped a Chicago-based golf course management company launch a premium digital passport. They needed a highly customizable stamp card to encourage golfers to visit 9 luxury courses over the summer.


We helped a Property Developer get more Yogis

We helped a commercial property developer in the USA get more residents visiting their shopping areas. They used a custom stamp card to sign up members to weekly yoga classes held in the open community areas of several mixed-use properties.

Perfect for Business Improvement Areas and Shopping Centers

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